Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great people. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Would we work with 16by9 again? Absolutely 100%. Not only did Marc do a great job, but he challenged me, he made me think, he provided expert advice and he open-mindedly and wilfully dove into solving some really technically convoluted problems.

Communication was superb. There have been zero issues with lateness or tardiness. No BS. No client conflicts. He prioritised well and set very clear expectations. He was absolutely professional and reliable throughout. Pretty rare in this space!

Dave Mason
Dave Mason Work Management Consultant, Mr System

Easy to use and high converting websites are a rarity. Marc is someone who builds them. If you need someone to work on your WordPress website—either an existing or new one—Marc is the person to call. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him.

Dave Redfern
Dave Redfern Head of Design & Development

I’ve worked with a lot of web people over the years. What sets an average one apart from an excellent one is their ability to see a holistic picture of what’s required at any point in the design and development process. Marc is one of those guys: he is not only a brilliant developer but also understands design inside out too. Couple this with the fact he’s a really bloody nice guy, and you have someone you’re definitely going to want to work with. Highly recommended.

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis Director, Thirty8 Digital

Marc is an absolute pleasure to work with and someone I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. He quickly got to grips with our site and did a great job of implementing tasks we requested as well as pro-actively suggesting new ideas that would improve our UX and performance. Marc slotted into our internal development team really well, working very collaboratively and taking full ownership. It really did feel like he was part of the team. Thank you, Marc!

Natalie Pejovic
Natalie Pejovic Marketing Manager, Open Study College

I have been impressed by Marc’s strong knowledge in the industry and his high standard of work. Marc has been a true asset to the team by supporting us over the busy period. I have been able to rely on him to deliver work to given deadlines without compromise of quality.”

Andrew Yardley
Andrew Yardley Head of Web Development, Superdream

Marc is a great guy and a brilliant developer. I’ve worked with him personally on four projects to date and he’s been efficient, helpful and always able to meet timescales that have been agreed. He works efficiently and professionally and gets the job done. I can’t wait to work with him again.

Jon Rhodes
Jon Rhodes Senior Project Manager, Quba

Marc has a unique mix of excellent development skills and clear communication, which is ideal for preparing and planning for client web projects. He is able to quickly think ahead to predict and plan for any bumps in the road. Marc also has some very inspiring ideas and approach to his work which comes from a real passion and knowledge for the subject.

We worked together on a new client website project, where his planning as well as technical experience meant that the objectives and timing of the project were met, and the client was thrilled with the results. Marc is one of my key development partners—I found him excellent to work with, and will continue to do so when I get the opportunity.

Rebecca Coldicott
Rebecca Coldicott Marketing Strategy Consultant, Realise Agency

Marc is a highly professional developer who I would whole heartedly recommend. His work is top notch, accurate and on time. Most of all he is great to work with and contributes ideas and best practice trends to every project.

Lorinda Pagano
Lorinda Pagano Creative Director, Plait Creative

We hired Marc to help on a client project. The result was produced on time and within budget and I doubt we could have produced as good a result without him.Marc had excellent knowledge and experience and was able to contribute in areas beyond what was originally expected. A pleasure to work with and a real asset on the project.

Andy Henson
Andy Henson Managing Director, Foxsoft

I’ve worked with Marc in a number of roles and I’ve always been impressed by his professionalism, attitude and the quality of his work. I know if I engage Marc on a project that it will get delivered to the agreed spec and that he will go above and beyond to make sure that the client is happy with the final result. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!

Sophie Gray
Sophie Gray Client Services Director, Communisis Digital

I’ve worked with a multitude of my peers over the years but Marc’s professionalism makes him stand out. We agreed clear acceptance criteria before work started and I got regular updates as the job progressed. He did great work and it came in on budget; I couldn’t have asked for more.

Darren Beale
Darren Beale Founder, Siftware

When freelancers collaborate, trust is essential. Working with Marc, I trust that his WordPress development work will be of an excellent standard – clean and thoughtfully implemented. He’s also a great communicator, helping keep projects moving forward, but also through his blog writing and web community contributions. I would definitely work with Marc again.

Alex Hardy
Alex Hardy Founder, Made with Manners

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