If you have an existing WordPress site, a WordPress audit is a quick way to understand where your website is underperforming and allows you to create a roadmap of improvements.

Think of an audit like an MOT on your car. I have a time-tested checklist of things I run through, testing your website on things like usability, design and performance.

What’s included in the audit?

The audit deliverables are two parts: a spreadsheet of technical problems and faults and a document that will include analysis and recommendations.

The audit includes:

  • WordPress health check
  • Mobile analysis
  • Design & content
  • Performance
  • Analytics analysis
  • On-site SEO
  • Security

How does it work?

  1. We start with an introductory call. We can talk through your website and discuss any questions you have regarding the audit.
  2. Payment and scheduling. Once you’re happy to proceed and the contract has been signed and the invoice paid, I schedule the audit.
  3. Follow-up questions. Once scheduled, I’ll send out a list of requirements and questions prior to the audit taking place. I’ll need WordPress logins and any analytics access you can provide.
  4. Audit takes place. I’ll perform the audit and write up the results.
  5. Presentation call. Once the audit is complete, I’ll present the findings and talk you through the document. You’ll have chance to ask any questions.

If you have a development team, you can pass the audit findings to them to carry out any suggested changes. Or, if you’d prefer the work to be completed by myself, I offer development sprints that would be perfect for working through a backlog of tasks.

Ready to get started?

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