Are you looking for a website that:

  • Has a clean and modern design that clearly communicates what your organisation is about?
  • Is designed with your specific goals and requirements in mind?
  • Visitors can quickly find the information that they’re after?
  • Loads quickly so that visitors don’t get frustrated waiting and Google doesn’t penalise your site?
  • Is easy to update so that you can easily keep important information up-to-date?
  • Is built on a strong foundation so that you can iterate and improve upon the site for years to come?

If you’re nodding your head while reading that list, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about how I can help you with your new website.

The 16by9 Method

Our method has been designed to get you the absolute best for your organisation and your users for the budget at hand.

Defining the problem

Our journey starts from understanding what you’re business is about. We’ll start with questions like why are you replacing your website? What do you need your new website to do that your current website doesn’t? We want to dig further into the information you’ve already provided.

We’ll then move on to questions about your business. What is it you offer and what makes you different? At this stage, we won’t have any answers, just questions. We’re good listeners (and fast learners). At this point, we’ll need to state the desired end result. The goals and the vision for the project need to be clearly laid out.

Once we’ve collated the information we need about your business and what you want it to achieve, we can start researching. We assess competitors and the industry as a whole. We’ll look at websites in completely different industries.

This research will help us in the following stages as we can begin to build up a picture of what works, what doesn’t and what we want to try.

Designing the solution

It’s only once we have a solid understanding of the problem, that we can begin thinking about the solution.

We’ll start by producing rough wireframes. Wireframes are low-fidelity sketches, which help us to start thinking through content, hierarchy, layout, and so on.

We may use other methods such as mood boards or style tiles, to get what we call the “design atmosphere” right.

This then progresses to designs with more fidelity. We work in an iterative manner, including you as much as possible.

At the end of this phase, we’ll have design mockups for the key templates across the site.

Implement the solution

Next, we’ll start to implement the designs. This is still very much an iterative process. While we branch development into its own stage, it’s very much part of the previous step. We often design in code – which is to say we’ll sometimes design websites in the browser, the place where they will live.

This phase includes WordPress integration, migrating content, browser testing, and any additional development work.

We’ll upload the website to a private server, which is password protected, so you can preview the website as we build it. You’ll be able to login, edit content, and use the website prior to launch. That way, you can be assured you’ll be happy with the final product before we push the site live.

Launch your project

So, we’ve been been through every stage and we finally have a wonderful new website to launch. We’ll be around all-day on launch day, to make sure everything launches smoothly and as expected.

Hurray, it’s all over and done! Except, in many ways, this is just the beginning. A plan should be in place to ensure things are kept up to date. We can provide more detail and prices on request.

Who am I?

I’m Marc Jenkins and I run 16by9, a small WordPress consultancy based in Birmingham, UK. I help businesses build better WordPress websites.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped great clients like Debenhams, The Guardian Media Group, and Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Why work with 16by9?

Working with 16by9 is not like working with traditional creative agencies.

You won’t have an assigned account manager and you won’t be shuffled off to different employees or subcontracted labour. Instead, you’ll work directly with me.

You won’t be limited by the employees of a traditional agency. I’ll build a team around your specific project requirements using a trusted network of professionals. If the project requires UI and UX specialists, copywriters, photographers, animators, backend developers – I’ll bring them onboard.

And, unlike traditional agencies, I operate quickly without having an impact on quality. I only take on a few select projects at a time – and since I don’t keep a full-time staff – I’m able to be nimble, lean and efficient.

While many traditional agencies use lots of different systems, I’ve built up thousands of hours of expertise in just one: WordPress. I know how to optimise WordPress for SEO, performance and conversion.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch to schedule a 15 to 30 minute call where we can discuss your project and see if we’re a good fit.