I’m Marc Jenkins and I run 16BY9, a small WordPress consultancy based in Birmingham, UK. I help businesses build better WordPress websites.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped great clients like Debenhams, The Guardian Media Group, and Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Why work with me

  • I’m big on communication and ensuring we understand each other. I don’t hide behind acronyms, buzzwords, or technical jargin.
  • You’ll have complete project ownership. I provide my clients with complete access to their websites, including all the code and database. All the accounts we’ll use, from Mailchimp to Google Analytics, will be setup in your name. You’ll never be locked in to working with me and if you ever decide to use someone else, you can.
  • Bespoke teams for larger projects. If your project warrants it, I can put together a group of experienced developers, designers, and marketing specialists to ensure your team is only ever the perfect size: nothing more, nothing less. This flexible approach means you aren’t subsidising a team you aren’t making full use of.
  • On-going relationships. When your new website goes live, that’s not the end of the project, it’s just the beginning. I offer on-going strategy, support, and maintenance.

The following values guide how I run my business

  • Strive for simplicity. Complexity is easy: you just add more. Simplicity is about removing the noise and leaving what’s important.
  • Embrace change. It’s natural to resist change. But the world is changing at any ever increasing rate, technology especially so. Rather than fight it, I embrace it.
  • Share what I learn. I’ve learnt from the generosity of others. I will pass on what I learn, too.
  • Open and honest. The best results are achieved when everything is out in the open.

Where to go next

  1. If 16BY9 sounds like the kind of company you’d like to work with and you have a project in mind, then I’d love to hear from you.
  2. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help your website, read about the services I offer.
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